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Shop VivienneHu GoldSand Lip Glosses in a wide range of colours and finishes. Get a shine or matte that lasts with a non-stick, lightweight, moisturizing feel. It makes wearing Lip Gloss a daily necessity and a simple and delicate act. The new Vivienne Hu GoldSand Lip Gloss provides extreme comfort and moist while providing a beautiful coverage. Easy to define details evenly, water-resistant, and able to stay on the lip for 10 hours.

Weight - 8ml

UPC 860011325970

Applies smoothly and evenly to deliver complete coverage with just one swipe

Gently apply the Vivienne Hu gold-sand lip gloss on clean lips Moving from the center up to the cupid's bow and then out to the corners

Enriched with Hyaluronic Acid which softens cuticle and hydrate the skin.

Helps to moisture your lips with long lasting wear High-impact pigments deliver intense color that lasts without bleeding or feathering